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A Full-Service Adhesive Consultant, and more

Chemsultants International is a full-service adhesive consultant. We help customers develop and improve adhesive products and processes from product development to sample preparation, performance testing and pilot coating.


Founded by an Adhesive Expert

As the head of research and development for more than 15 years at Fasson (a division of Avery Dennison), a leader in pressure-sensitive papers, films and foils - Richard P. Muny recognized the need to find quality solutions for adhesive, coating and sealant product challenges. He created the Chemsultants International Network in 1985 to meet those adhesive bonding challenges and helped the company grow to become an internationally recognized adhesive consultant.

Pilot Coating Services

In 1989, Muny purchased his first piece of adhesive coating and laminating equipment and began providing pilot coating services. Today, Chemsultants' three EPA-compliant versatile coating lines allow customers to:

  • Create new adhesive, coating and sealant products
  • Conduct pilot scale trial runs
  • Develop adhesive bonding and laminating processes
  • Produce highly specialized small scale coated products

Entering the Test Equipment Market

Chemsultants continued to grow and in 1992, Muny formed ChemInstruments, Inc. This Chemsultants company was formed to develop sample preparation and pressure sensitive adhesive testing equipment so customers could create their own cost-effective, in-house adhesive testing laboratories. ChemInstruments' manufacturing facility in Cincinnati, Ohio soon became the industry's leading designer and manufacturer of pressure sensitive adhesive testing equipment. ChemInstruments now offers a complete selection of some of the most advanced adhesive and material testing equipment in the world.

Promoting Industry Education

Recognizing the need for an industry-specific technical education program, Chemsultants developed a series of hands-on technical training workshops. Chemsultants also collaborates with the Pressure Sensitive Tape Council (PSTC) in its Alliance for Excellence in Tape Testing program and with the Adhesive and Sealants Council (ASC). These collaborations provide educational opportunities and resources about proven testing methods and state-of-the art testing equipment for pressure sensitive adhesive tape, liquid adhesives and sealants. Through these efforts, Chemsultants provides technical training workshops that help companies build internal expertise for:

  • A better understanding of adhesives and pressure sensitive tape technology
  • The further development of pressure sensitive tape and label testing expertise

All of our technical education and training programs take place in a dedicated lecture and demonstration lab facility.

Expanding into New Markets

In 2006 Chemsultants purchased Adhesive Consultants of Akron, Ohio. With the addition of the Adhesive Consultants capabilities and experience Chemsultants is better positioned to provide testing, consulting, R&D and product development services to additional medical and pharmaceutical customers.

New Facility / New Future

Also in 2006 Chemsultants constructed a new 40,000 square foot facility and opened its Technology Campus. Dedicated to future growth the facility houses administrative, laboratory and coating operations.

Our Ongoing Commitment

Contact ChemInstruments to learn more about our state-of-the-art testing instrument design and manufacturing center. Or, call Chemsultants and ask about its comprehensive pilot coating facility that can find cost-effective solutions to your most challenging adhesive product and process issues. Our ongoing commitment is to help your company quickly and cost effectively:

  • Find solutions to difficult adhesive bonding issues
  • Develop coating and adhesive laminating solutions using our pilot coating services
  • Test sample products
  • Conduct trial runs
  • Produce your small volume specialty coated products
  • Upgrade your staff's technical training
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