Our State Of The Art Facilities Make the Right Chemistry Possible

Chemsultants headquarters

Chemsultants' adhesive testing laboratory is located on a 10-acre Technology Campus in Mentor, Ohio. This location is home to our corporate headquarters, a group of state-of-the-art laboratories, pilot coating operation and training facilities. From this one location we can meet all your needs including adhesive testing, pilot coating, product development, technical education and market research.

TAPPI room

Our Accredited Laboratory Assists in Material Testing

Our talented, professional staff of industry experts will customize tests to meet your individual needs. We aim to help you achieve your benchmarks in our technologically advanced, fully functional product testing laboratories.

Our accredited laboratory is equipped to perform:

  • Sample Preparation
  • Physical and mechanical testing to accepted international standards
  • Accelerated Aging

Our other laboratories perform:

  • Wet Chemistry/Formulation
  • Analytical Testing
  • Fuel Cell Membrane Development

Pilot Coating Services on Four Multifunctional Coating Lines

Utilize Chemsultants' innovative product development and pilot coating center to develop your products and grow your business. We can develop coating and laminating solutions as well as adhesive bonding products tailored to your applications. These applications include:

  • Four multi-function coating/drying/curing lines
  • Formula compounding
  • Roll slitting and finishing
  • QA lab

A Complete Series of Technical Workshops

Chemsultants Technical Workshops include classroom lecture as well as hands-on demonstrations to ensure that our attendees get the best training and education possible. Our training facility is equipped with a state of the art classroom and a fully functional product testing laboratory. Classes are offered at various times throughout the year. Our staff of industry experts will also customize workshops to meet your individual needs.

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