From Bottom Line To The Top Shelf, Chemsultants Delivers "Spellbinding" Results.

The Chemsultants team helps accelerate the development and manufacture of new products, reduce costs and improve your adhesive related product applications. Our staff of highly qualified professional scientists has over 250 years of combined experience working with adhesives, coatings and specialty materials and they bring this experience to work every day. It's their expertise in the laboratory, pilot plant, production facility and the marketplace that make Chemsultants a world-renowned adhesive consultant. Our clients value our practical and applied knowledge in the areas of product and process development, as well as, project management, market research, operations, and laboratory testing.

Our ongoing commitment is to help your company develop new products as well as improve existing ones both quickly and cost effectively. That's why more companies make Chemsultants their first choice for:

We grew an industry of adhesive products; now let the expert team at Chemsultants help you:

  • Find solutions to difficult adhesive bonding issues
  • Develop coating and adhesive laminating solutions using our pilot coating services
  • Test both new and existing products
  • Conduct pilot production trial runs to upgrade product quality and dependability

All in a confidential environment.

Contact the adhesive consultants that can help you develop or improve your adhesive, coating and sealant products and processes - Chemsultants.

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