Frequently Asked Questions

What is the relationship between Chemsultants International and ChemInstruments?

ChemInstruments is a part of Chemsultants International. Chemsultants International was founded in 1985. It began as a consulting business and rapidly grew to include additional services including an R&D laboratory, product development and testing, as well as, pilot coating services. ChemInstruments, is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of standard and custom laboratory testing equipment.

How does Chemsultants handle confidentiality?

Today, 90% of the work we do is done under Confidentiality Agreements or Non Disclosure Agreements with our clients. We routinely enter into discussion under an agreement from the start of most projects. All of the intellectual property that may be developed on behalf of the client is assigned to and owned by the client. We assist them in any patent protection activity that they decide to pursue.

How much does Chemsultants charge to develop a new product?

While we do have some standard rates for our routine testing procedures, each development project is different from the next and it is difficult to give a simple answer on price. We work hand in hand with the customer to identify the project scope, outline a project plan with deliverables and timing and then establish a price quote to do the work. Once approved by the customer, we schedule and begin work at receipt of a purchase order and invoices are issued at various milestones as outlined in the proposal.

Product Development & Improvement Overview

Phase I - Definition Cost Range: $2,000 - 8,000
Examples include:

  • Development of Project Scope including information compilation on the issue
  • Process Consulting; Trouble shooting
  • Development of musts/wants list
  • Initial material search; substitution
  • Prototype lab testing; results reporting

Phase III - Development Cost Range: $3,000 - 20,000
Examples include:

  • Candidate material selection
  • Materials sourcing
  • Formulation development
  • Lab testing vs. controls
  • Hand sheet samples of proposed components

Phase II - Design Cost Range: $4,500 - 10,000
Examples include:

  • Literature & Patent Search
  • Product Design; Product Engineering
  • Benchmarking Competitive Products
  • Test Method Development

Phase IV - Scale Up Cost Range: $2,000 - 12,000
Examples include:

  • Scale Up Process Development
  • Prototyping
  • Pilot Coating & Converting
  • Commercial Production
  • This is an estimate of the scope of work and associated costs required to accomplish most product development project objectives.
  • The wide range in costs is due to the unique nature of each project & depends on complexity and product requirements.
  • Not all product development or product improvement projects include all phases listed above, but this is a general work flow.
  • Based on an initial discovery call with the client team, we will provide a customized, phased proposal that addresses the client's objectives and timelines.

Does ChemInstruments ever design and produce custom, proprietary test equipment?

ChemInstruments manufactures the broadest line of test equipment for testing adhesives, sealants and other materials. However, occasions have arisen where a standard equipment design does not meet a special or client-developed test protocol. One of the strengths of ChemInstruments is our ability to custom design and produce unique testing platforms for various applications. In such cases we have designed and manufactured custom test equipment platforms for specific clients.

Can I get a demonstration of a specific type of ChemInstruments test equipment?

We offer product demonstrations to our customers on a routine basis at our facilities in Fairfield, Ohio. In addition, we have a demonstration laboratory in Mentor, Ohio at our Chemsultants Technology Campus. We can work directly with each customer to test or evaluate their individual products using our equipment. In some cases, where more extensive testing is required to prove feasibility we recommend running a small project for a small fee, which can be applied toward the purchase of the equipment if satisfied.

Feasibility Study Overview

Option I: Cost: $0

  • Spend up to 1 hour with lab personnel
  • Machine Demonstration - this is for Physical testing machinery. Coating or laminating require Option II

Option II: Cost: $850

  • Spend up to 5 hours with lab personnel
  • Perform coating and laminating trials to include actual test runs on the coating family of machines.
  • Up to 3 different materials/coatings with up to 3 different thicknesses per run.
  • Test drive/demo any of the machines on site
  • Bring in your own materials to coat or test
  • Gain insight on which standard test method applies

Option III: Cost: $1600

  • Spend up to 8 hours with lab personnel
  • Everything from Option II plus the following:
    • Test method development for your application/conditions
    • Review specifications (temperature, methodology, etc) with our experts
    • Facility tour & lunch included

Please send all MSDS Sheets ahead of visit for review
Any additional follow up work will be quoted separately

Contact Dave Westerfield to shcedule your visit. or 440.974.3080

Does Chemsultants guarantee that its product development work will result in the product I need?

We pride ourselves in being able to deliver as promised. However, like the rest of the Scientific Community, we cannot guarantee invention. We define the scope of work for each customer via a technical conference, and then we develop a project plan which is complete with milestones and deliverables. Once approved, we work to the plan and stay in constant communication with the client along the way. We discuss any technical hurdles that may arise, will redirect work to resolve them as necessary and are usually able to exceed the project objectives and deliver successful results.

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