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Adhering to Consumer Demand

Consumer Products' Adhesive Testing Services and Products

Adhesives are an integral part in the manufacture, packaging and shipping of tens of thousands of modern consumer products. To compete in a crowded marketplace, consumer product manufacturers and their suppliers often turn to Chemsultants for help in improving their products and processes. We offer a variety of products and services for a wide variety of adhesive performance tests as well as the expertise to help in developing new products for diverse applications.

As an experienced adhesive consultant, Chemsultants has worked with consumer product companies around the world to improve everything from diapers and glue sticks to gift wrap, food wrap and more.

Adhesive Testing Services

  • Physical property and analytical testing of adhesives, coatings and materials
  • Adhesive development
  • Pressure sensitive and hot melt adhesives for product assembly or packaging
  • Product component development
  • Labels, tapes, adhesives and coatings for a wide range of product applications
  • Process development and contract manufacturing of proprietary materials for product assembly, lamination or packaging operations
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Adhesive Testing Products

  • Adhesive testing equipment
  • Laboratory sample preparation equipment

Additional Adhesive Resources

  • Converting equipment supplier recommendations
  • Materials supplier recommendations

Want to meet the demands of the competitive consumer market through advanced adhesive products? Contact Chemsultants today.

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