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Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Label and Tape Testing Services and Products

Controlling performance, increasing profitability and continuously improving quality are extremely important for label converters and tape manufacturers in today's global marketplace. That's why we offer a wide range of products and services for use in developing and testing the performance of adhesive labels, pressure sensitive labels, thermal transfer labels and adhesive tapes.

For years, we've helped label converters and tape manufacturers improve their products and processes. We've also helped them develop new tape and label constructions from diverse materials for unique applications.

Label and Tape Testing Services

  • Physical property and analytical testing of adhesives, release systems and materials
  • Product development
  • Pressure sensitive and hot melt adhesives
  • Film and paper face stocks and liners
  • Release systems and liners
  • Additional product development
  • Labels, tapes, adhesives and coatings for hot, cold, freezer, food contact or sterilization applications
  • Process development and contract manufacturing of proprietary materials for electronics, chemical, food, beverage, cosmetic and many other products
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Label and Tape Testing Products

Testing equipment for:

  • Seal strength
  • Peel adhesion strength
  • Adhesive tack and shear strength
  • Tensile strength and elongation of materials
  • Laboratory sample preparation equipment for in-house product development

Additional Label and Tape Resources

  • Converting equipment and materials supplier recommendations
  • Printing/converting trade shows

Want your adhesives, pressure sensitive labels and adhesive tapes to really take hold? Contact Chemsultants today.

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