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Medical and Pharmaceutical Adhesive Testing and Product Development Services

We know how challenging medical product development can be. That's why hundreds of medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies and their suppliers repeatedly turn to Chemsultants as a trusted resource for their entire medical product adhesive testing and product development needs. Our product development and manufacturing processes have been ISO 13485:2003 certified. Request a quote now.

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We've helped medical and pharmaceutical companies that produce a wide range of products:

  • Increase their product performance
  • Enhance their manufacturing processes
  • Reduce product costs
  • Develop new products with a shorter time to market
  • Develop new adhesives and materials

Chemsultants is different than other "research", product development or testing labs. We are committed to providing a broad range of proven adhesive testing services, product development, and testing products for the medical industry. Our scientists specialize in innovative new products and complete technology packages. With our help, you can focus on creating products that perform better and improve your customers' quality of life.

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Service Capabilities

  • Physical property and performance testing in an accredited lab
  • Analytical testing
  • New product development
  • Product modifications and enhancements
  • Raw material substitutions
  • Problem solving
  • Consulting
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Technology Experience

  • Solvent, water based, hot melt, 100% solids and curable polymer systems
  • SBR, modified acrylic, styrene, epoxy, silicone, urethane, PET, PU, PVC, PI and PA based polymer chemistries

Product experience

  • Wound care products
  • Transdermal patches
  • Hydrocolloids / hydrogels
  • Device and component bonding adhesives
  • Skin contact adhesives
  • Waterproof sealants
  • Product and prescription labels
  • Bonding, sealing and packaging tapes
  • Specialty coatings

Product Development and Production Resources

Pilot product development, sample preparation and contract manufacturing of coated materials in roll form:

  • Multiple coating methods
  • Laminating and slitting
  • Processed under GMP conditions
  • QMS complaint with 21CFR, cGMP, ISO 13485 requirements

Medical Adhesive Sample Preparation and Testing Equipment

  • Adhesive and material QA testing equipment
  • Test sample preparation equipment

Want to improve the health of your adhesive related processes and products? Contact Chemsultants today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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