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Packaging Adhesive Testing and Product Development

Today's packaging adhesives present unique challenges that need the insight that comes from years of helping manufacturers improve their product packaging components and processes. Chemsultants offers a variety of products and services related to packaging adhesives, packaging tapes and more. Our team also has experience in helping clients develop new packaging materials to improve performance and streamline manufacturing processes.

Packaging Adhesive Testing Services

  • Physical property and performance testing
  • Analytical testing of adhesives and coatings
  • Product development
  • Pressure sensitive and hot melt package sealing adhesives
  • Film and paper lamination adhesives
  • Specialty sealing tape
  • Package component development
  • Labels, tapes, adhesives and coatings for hot, cold, freezer or sterilization applications
  • Process development and contact manufacturing of proprietary packaging materials for electronics, chemical, food, beverage and other applications
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Packaging Adhesive Testing Products

  • Testing equipment for peel tests, blister and lid seal strength, tensile strength, surface energy measurement, coefficient of friction measurement and elongation of materials testing
  • Sample preparation equipment for prototype package development

Additional Resources for Packaging Applications

  • Laboratories to test package strength
  • Converting and materials suppliers
  • Packaging trade shows

Want to improve your adhesives to meet ever-changing packaging needs? Contact Chemsultants today.

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