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Technical seminar

Chemsultants International provides technical training to those interested in learning more about adhesives, coating technology, and testing. Members of our professional staff of adhesive consultants and scientists have over 175 years of combined experience in a wide variety of disciplines including adhesion theory, formulating, product development and applications, web coating and product testing.

Over the past 10 years Chemsultants International has consulted with and provided training to QA, QC, R&D and Production staff members of industry participants worldwide on topics that include:

  • Developing pressure sensitive adhesive, tape and label products
  • Applications and uses for specialty adhesives and specialty coated products
  • Testing pressure sensitive tapes, labels, liquid adhesives, specialty coatings and sealants
Technical training

Chemsultants International presents several technical training workshops during the year in conjunction with key industry associations and service providers including The Pressure Sensitive Tape Council (the North American trade association comprised of world-class Pressure Sensitive Tape manufacturing companies) and AWA Alexander Watson Associates (a global B2B market research and consulting company focusing on the specialty paper, film, coating, and converting industries).

Domestic workshops are presented at the new Chemsultants International Technology Campus in Mentor, Ohio. Special workshop sessions are conducted at remote locations around the country and also at select international sites in conjunction with Alexander Watson and Associates (a world-renowned technical conference facilitator).

Workshops offered in 2013 may be found in the list below:


  • PSTC Tape Manufacturing & Testing Workshop
    Date: September 9-11, 2013 Location: Mentor, Ohio
    Register here
  • AWA / Chemsultants International Introduction to PSA Technology Workshop
    Date: November 4-5, 2013 Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Strengthen Your Own In-House Testing Capabilities with Our Technical Training Library

Our training videos feature top quality DVD demonstrations on how to prepare and test various types of adhesive products focusing on correct testing methods and the appropriate use of our adhesive testing equipment. Our videos clearly demonstrate what makes these key test methods relevant and the best practices for you to follow - the perfect complement to our product manuals.

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