Pilot Coating

Pilot Coating Capabilities from Industrial Coatings to the Most Demanding Medical Adhesives and Materials

All Under One Roof — Ours

Chemsultants' unique blend of new product development expertise and custom coating capabilities can streamline your web coated product development efforts. We can help you to take products to market faster as well as help improve existing product performance to meet critical market needs. We provide:

  • An expert staff of chemists and scientists to assist in the product development process including formulating, compounding, mixing and the rheology modification of adhesives, sealants and specialty coatings
  • An accredited laboratory to assist in the physical testing and development of coatings and adhesives related to your product
  • Custom web coating expertise available utilizing our multiple coating method capabilities that optimize your production process
  • Coating services for experimental, prototype and contract manufacturing - available on four multifunction coating and laminating lines
  • Pilot, scale up or contract production services in a facility operating under ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and cGMP systems

Utilize Chemsultants' innovative product development and pilot coating services to develop your products, improve production processes and ultimately grow your market position. We can develop coating and laminating solutions as well as adhesive or sealant bonding products, and specialty coatings tailored to your applications. Call us today for a confidential pilot coating Request for Quote (RFQ).

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