Quality Systems Management

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quality systems management

We actively work in all phases of a product's life cycle from development through manufacturing. As a result we have extensive and broad capabilities to recommend quality assurance programs and quality control processes. We can develop the appropriate tests, protocols and statistical techniques to keep the quality of your incoming raw materials, manufacturing processes and products in control.

Chemsultants' laboratory is accredited working within a quality control system developed in accordance with ISO 13485 standards. Our staff includes personnel familiar with a variety of quality management processes. Some specific staff capabilities include:

  • Highly trained auditors that can help design and implement effective quality assurance systems and quality control services.
  • Trained technical staff familiar with the development of uncertainty budgets.

Whether you're looking for advanced adhesive product quality control or are interested in learning how we can help you develop your own quality control programs- call us today.

ISO 13485:2003 Quality Certification - certification by Smithers Quality Assessments
ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certification - certification by Smithers Quality Assessments

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