Sample Preparation Devices

Adhesive Sample Preparation

Conduct coating and laminating projects and prepare adhesive bonding samples in-house faster and with more consistency with sample preparation machines from ChemInstruments. Backed by decades of experience as adhesive consultants, we design all sample preparation machines and produce your test prototypes. You'll get consistent results with our standard sample preparation devices. And if you don't see what you need, inquire about our custom made sample testing equipment, sample preparation machines and other adhesive testing equipment.

Lab Coaters

Precision lab coaters provide even the smallest laboratory with an affordable tool to consistently conduct coating and laminating projects. Contact ChemInstruments for custom made options as you develop coating and laminating samples.

Roll Laminators

Sample preparation laminators provide flexibility and deliver consistent reproductions for coating and laminating samples.

Rolldown Machines

Rolldown machines allow you to consistently produce test samples with a constant speed and pressure. This helps create adhesive bonding samples that can be thoroughly evaluated. Rollers can also be custom made to your unique specifications.

Rotary Die Slitter

The Rotary Die Slitter is a hand-operated unit designed to quickly produce consistent, accurate samples. Its unique slitting styled design easily makes multiple samples with a minimum of scrap. It quickly and safely cuts paper, film, label and other materials straight and evenly, making it an integral part of sample preparation for plants and laboratories alike.

Die Cutter

The Swing Arm Sample Die Cutter allows you to consistently and efficiently produce paper, film, label, tape and other materials with standard straight rule and "clicker" type dies.

Consistent, Repeatable Samples for Adhesive Testing

Choose sample preparation devices produced by an internationally respected adhesive consultant to solve your challenging adhesive bonding issues or to develop coating and laminating solutions. Our equipment allows you to reduce sample preparation time as you create consistent, repeatable samples for testing. Lab scale simulations of production processes can also be developed and analyzed.

ChemInstruments is your one-stop, full-service sample preparation consultant. Contact us today to get all the sample preparation machines and adhesive testing equipment you need.

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