About Us

Chemsultants International is the perfect extension of your organization. We collaborate with your team as a partner to deliver the technical expertise you value. You just don’t just hire us; we integrate our technical team into your organization to the level that you choose.

Our roots as adhesive consultants and formulators have laid the groundwork for what we’ve become today; a world-renowned technical organization that offers testing, product development, and manufacturing for Fortune 500 clients, entrepreneurs, and everyone in between.

Chemsultants is a global leader in the industry for custom engineered adhesive products in the electronicsmedical, pharmaceutical, and consumer product marketplaces.


We don’t get the easy projects or challenges. Those types of problems are generally fixed in-house. For three decades, we work with your team to add our experiences, knowledge, and abilities to help solve problems or launch products more quickly. We solved complex, technical hurdles that have faced our clients and helped them launch, fix, or reinvent their products. 


The unique thing about Chemsultants is that we are flexible in the way we work with our partners. We can be your outsourced laboratory, your product developer, your contract manufacturer or all of them! You have no need to find multiple consultants as we can provide all of your solutions — right here.  For several decades, Chemsultants’ expertise has spanned various markets, applications, and technologies. If it sticks, we’ve probably invented it, sourced it, tested it, or manufactured it.

From ideation through commercialization, we can add our expertise to your innovation. This accelerates your return and allows your project to be completed faster and with a far greater chance of success.