Adhesives and Sealants

Chemsultants roots are in the pressure-sensitive adhesive industry, with many of our team having decades in the development, manufacture and technical support of PSAs, tapes, labels and graphics. Our chemists have degrees and backgrounds in macromolecular science, chemical engineering, and chemistry. Over the years, Chemsultants has been presented with challenges and successfully addressed many product development, problem solving and physical testing needs in other adhesive and sealant areas, such as the following:

  • Heat seal/thermoplastic adhesives and films
  • Pressure sensitive adhesives
  • Threadlocking adhesive products
  • Construction and Automotive adhesives and sealants
  • Pest control adhesives
  • Thermoset adhesives and films
  • Additive benchmarking and comparison in adhesive and sealant formulations

There are some common threads in adhesives and sealants that have allowed Chemsultants to expand the product and market areas in which we can help. Polymers are main components for adhesives and sealants and the materials used to modify their properties are also similar. Our strengths in the basics of polymers and viscoelastic materials, combined with our formulation expertise has led to many successful formulation developments and improvements at Chemsultants.

Chemsultants not only can assist in development of the adhesive or sealant, but can also help with other needs associated with the adhesive or sealant product, such as release liner, facestock or carrier film search and qualification, process development, identifying toll coaters, etc.

Chemsultants’ approach in product development and project improvement is initially to pursue the lowest cost and fastest path to success. We generally start by defining product needs and developing a testing protocol, then search for commercially available solutions that fit best with the current product manufacturing process. If that path does not succeed, we then work deeper into the supply chain and possibly develop a modified or ground-up new formulation.

Chemsultants has experience with many adhesive/sealant and component suppliers and can assist with different types of needs in product development, improvement and problem solving. The combination of our experience, knowledge, abilities and industry contacts means that in most cases, we can help our customers reach an objective or decision faster with fewer resources and less money expended.