Consumer Products

Stick it, eat it, make it disappear!

We’ve helped invent, test, or manufacture most of the things you have in your homeThat’s quite a big claim, but it’s true. Chemsultants has invented edible, disposable, and dissolvable consumer products over our history.  We are the perfect incubator to take your innovation to commercialization.

We work with clients from Fortune® 1000 consumer product companies to entrepreneurs with disruptive technologies. No matter the size of the client, the result is the same… 96% of our clients would highly recommend us to someone else. We can’t promise invention, but our reputation speaks for itself. Our technical team is the perfect partner to help accelerate the product development process.


Science in Fishing

Without getting too technical, here’s the breakthrough Fish Allure™ story. We developed a proprietary polymeric film in our lab that when applied to hard fishing lures does two revolutionary things:

1) Holds and releases enough of the right scent to rise above a fish’s scent threshold, causing the fish to strike.
2) Uses a patented, time-released technology giving an angler 60 minutes of scent-in-the-water performance.

This product was developed and is manufactured by Chemsultants. Look for Fish Allure next time you head out to the water! To learn more, go to


Our services help our clients with:

  • Physical property testing
  • Analytical testing
  • Cost modeling
  • Improving product performance
  • Enhancing the manufacturing processes
  • Resolving performance problems
  • Reducing product costs
  • Developing new products with a shorter time-to-market
  • Prototyping faster
  • Contract manufacturing in roll form


Product experience:

  • Removable adhesives
  • Dissolvable coatings
  • Water activated technologies
  • Time-released formulations
  • Film laminations