Innovative Technology Platform

Delivering What You Want, When You Want

Chemsultants International has developed, scaled up, and commercialized a unique polymeric film technology in terms of both polymer structure and methods to produce films, coatings or three dimensional structures with the ability to carry and deliver active ingredients in unique fashions not available in other drug/elution technologies. Hence, Chemsultants’ value-add is the ability to provide site specific delivery of these active ingredients when desired, how much to be delivered and without other stabilizing or delivery enhancing elements.

Chemsultants’ controlled release technology enables the ability to deliver active ingredients in a highly controlled fashion i.e. contact area, directional control and kinetic delivery. Our delivery platform allows for a very high vapor transmission when utilized as a transdermal drug delivery system enhancing human use by minimizing skin irritation. Furthermore, the technologies ability to hold active ingredients in a stable structure without the need for other expensive stabilizing and elution enhancing ingredients improves economic margins, improves the bio-availability of active ingredients and inhibiting the delivery of the ingredients that often create untoward effects as well as adding costs.

Chemsultants’ has used proven this technology on a consumer product marketed as Fish Allure (  This proprietary technology is available to utilize in your application via manufacturing or licensing agreement.