Hot Melt Coater For Sale

with optional UV package

Hot Melt Coater pictured with optional UV package and white room

This hot melt coating line is centered around the ultraviolet curing of adhesives, a green technology that:

  • Delivers a broad range of performance properties such as high-temperature stability and solvent resistance

  • Possesses environmental and safety benefits


The Hot Melt Coater was developed to meet recent market demands. The intent when designing the Coater was to make a technically advanced UV coating line that’s automated, versatile, efficient and has the ability to run tests using a variety of hot melt technologies.


Purchase this lightly used coater to run your trial or low scale production on a Hot Melt Coater that can process conventional HMPSA’s in addition to UV-Curable warm-melts. These green technologies can provide several benefits, including elimination of solvents, reduction in the capital cost of drying ovens, and higher speed production. This technology can deliver a range of performance including excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates and high temperature performance while meeting environmental and safety requirements. 

The Hot Melt Coater features a 16” wide 5.5" diameter WrinkleSTOP® roll.  This bowless, smooth roll provides zero web distortion.  It has independent edge-to-edge adjustability while the web is in motion and no special tools are needed to adjust degree of spreading action.  The surface is designed for high traction and able to be used in high-heat applications.

  • Hot melt/warm melt coating

  • Hot melt slot die: flex lipped, fixed lipped with rotary bar

  • Thickness: 0.8 mil– 10 mil

  • Line speed: 5–130 fpm

  • Coating web width: 14” wide

  • Drying: ultraviolet H, H+ and D bulbs

  • Substrates: papers, films, aluminum, non-wovens and synthetics

Power:                             480 VAC / 3-phase / 60 Amp breaker (with UV lamps attached)
Air:                                   80 PSI minimum
Speed:                             2-75 ft/min
Max material width:        16”
Max coating width:         14” (die can be deckled down)
Max OD unwind:             12”
Max OD winder:              16”
Footprint:                         5’ deep x 15’ long x 6’ high (7’-6” with UV lamps attached)

Fully automatic operation thru Allen-Bradley PLC and touch screen control panel.  All motors are programmable VFD, tension controlled by PLC with load cell feedback for a quick start up and seamless speed changes.

Optional Items Available

Nordson Pump Series 3960 Specs

  • Tank volume – 1,980 in3 (32.4 Liter)

  • Tank capacity – 70lbs (31.8 kg)

  • System melt rate – 100 lb./hr. (45.5 kg/hr.)

  • Operating temperature range – 100 to 450F (38 to 230C)

  • Temperature Control Stability - +/-1F (+/-0.5C)

  • Number of hoses - 2/4/6

  • Electrical service  - 200-240VAC, 50/60Hz

White Room Enclosure

  • 10'8" x 26'6"

  • HEPA filtration

Graco Therm-O-Flow 20 pump

  • 5 gallon (20 liter) applications in both low and high flow settings

  • Pump style – Check-Mate Priming Piston

  • Maximum melt rate – 1.5 lb/min (0.7kg/min)

  • Maximum flow rate – 12 lb/min (5.4 kg/min)

  • Viscosity – low to ultra-high

  • Maximum fluid working pressure – 3000psi (207 bar, 20.7 MPa)

  • Fluid flow – 2.8 U.S. gpm (10.6 lpm)

  • Maximum air input pressure – 82 psi (5.7 bar, 0.57 MPa)

  • Maximum pump operating temperature – 400F (204C)

  • Supply voltage 220/240V 3 ph & 50/60 Hz


Intuitive and easy to use advanced display module

  • Displays actual and set point temperatures for up to 12 zones per system (24 for tandem)

  • Color coded run screen shows when each zone is ready

  • Provides accurate temperature control of four, eight or 12 customer defined heat zones.

  • Provides password protection for critical setup parameters

  • Resettable material totalizer for job or daily material dispense tracking

  • Material tracking and machine diagnostics can be downloaded to USB

  • Provides programmable preventive maintenance schedule



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