Hot Melt UV Coater

Chemsultants International’s newest coating line is centered around the ultraviolet curing of adhesives, a green technology that:

  • Delivers of a broad range of performance properties such as high-temperature stability and solvent resistance
  • Possesses environmental and safety benefits
  • Offers a better value in the long run

The Hot Melt UV Coater was developed to meet recent market demands. It allows us to efficiently run trials on an automated coater, which fills an important niche. The intent when designing the Hot Melt UV Coater was to make a technically advanced UV coating line that’s versatile, efficient and has the ability to run tests using a variety of hot melt technologies.


Hot Melt UV Coating Requirements

  • Hot melt/warm melt coating
  • Hot melt slot die: flex lipped, fixed lipped with rotary bar
  • Thickness: 0.7 mil– 10 mil
  • Line speed: 5–130 fpm
  • Coating web width: 14” wide
  • Drying: ultraviolet H, H+ and D bulbs
  • Substrates: papers, films, aluminum, non-wovens and synthetics
  • Class 10,000 clean room