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Medical Applications

Our expertise ranges from hydrocolloids to transdermal patches and everything in-between

Healthier Processes, Healthier Products

We know that medical product development is challenging. That's why the leading medical device manufacturers and their suppliers repeatedly turn to Chemsultants as a trusted resource for their entire scope of adhesive testing and product development needs. Our decades of reliable expertise and proven solutions will eliminate your issues to get your product to market quickly and efficiently. Our staff is highly proficient in producing short runs of high value raw materials and transitioning from lab quantities to a scalable product. Our product development and manufacturing processes are ISO 9001:2015 certified. We can also adhesive coat and convert in a cleanroom environment. Wherever you are in your qualification process, Chemsultants can be the perfect extension of your technical team.   


Our services help our clients:

  • Test devices on skin

  • Age devices in environmental chambers

  • Increase their product’s performance

  • Enhance their manufacturing processes

  • Reduce product costs

  • Develop new products with a shorter time-to-market

  • Prototype faster

  • Manufacture in roll form

Product experience:

  • Wound care products

  • Transdermal patches

  • Hydrocolloids/hydrogels

  • Device and component bonding adhesives

  • Skin contact adhesives

  • Waterproof sealants

  • Product labels

  • Bonding, sealing and packaging tapes

  • Specialty coatings

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