Polymeric Films

Our chemists have varied backgrounds in several areas of polymer science related to coatings and cast films. Some of the polymer chemistries we work with include acrylic, polyether ether ketone (PEEK), polysulfone, silicone, urethane, epoxy, poly vinyl alcohol, polyamide. Chemsultants works with thermoplastic and thermoset systems. The thermoset systems include thermal cured, UV cured, moisture cured and anaerobic cured polymers. We work in all stages of polymer technology except polymerization. We formulate polymer solutions to meet your product requirements. The formulation work often includes viscosity adjustment, polymer network crosslinking, nano-particle dispersion, tackifier and plasticizer modification and solvent blending. We also work with our partner labs to characterize the polymer products we develop. Theses characterizations may include glass transition temperature, thermal stability, mechanical properties, and microscopy.

Our chemists and engineers understand both chemistry and the manufacturing process. We do not just make beaker-size solutions in the lab. We also help our customers to scale up the solution and successfully transfer to pilot compounding and commercialization. If the end-product is needed in continuous web or roll form, we can do pilot scale coating and small-scale commercial manufacture in our own facility.  If the volume or capability needs go beyond our capacity to manage, we can help with the search, screening and qualification of toll coaters/compounders.  We adjust mixing ratios, mixing order, curing time, open time, curing/drying profile and solution surface tension to make sure the solution is ready to scale up. We help in choosing the substrate, carrier sheet, release liner, compounding equipment and many different components related to polymeric films. The polymeric films we have worked with are used in many areas including video displays, solar panels, medical devices, adhesive tapes, sporting goods and other applications.