Problem Solving

More than a consultant, Chemsultants is an extension of your technical team!

No one looks for a consultant right away when faced with a problem. It’s a human trait to try to fix something yourself before looking for help. You and your team have done a good job of investigating and trying some solutions, but nothing has solved the problem so far. That’s why at Chemsultants, when people come to us for help, the problems are generally complex and difficult, and the situation is usually urgent.

Why choose us?

We have different types and levels of experience and are trained in how to approach problems effectively, and we can add to your team’s efforts. We can bring several industry veterans to the battle and build off the work that you have already done, and then help you find a cause and a real, lasting solution faster and better than you may be able to accomplish alone.

Chemsultants has the personnel with experience in research, technical service, manufacturing, coating and other specialty areas. We possess not only the experience, but the problem solving approach and methods that can help find a solution. Chemsultants brings a structured approach to problem solving, with the level of structure dependent on the size and complexity of the issue at hand. We work closely with your team, and in some cases your suppliers and customers, to properly define the problem, list causes, test for causes and test solutions.  If you are having issues with a product or process, please contact Chemsultants to discuss how we might make the difference in finding a faster, more effective solution.