Scale Up and Commercialization

How do I make a million of these?

Great new product ideas are often hampered by what can be a huge canyon between creating a small, single prototype and producing a profitable, feasible commercial product.  At Chemsultants, we are often approached with promising ideas that require some help in moving from the lab to the production floor.  This could be anyone, from entrepreneur to Fortune 100 Company.  With the blend of experience, knowledge and capabilities at Chemsultants, we can help at any or all of the steps in this process:

  • Formulating – improving coating capability, raw material availability or cost, safety and health regulation compliance, etc.
  • Testing – determining how to test to ensure the product will meet end-use needs and consistent manufacturability
  • Compounding – moving from beakers to 55 gallon drums and maintaining process repeatability, capability, and safety
  • Coating/Prototype Manufacture – scaling-up and finding and/or solving issues if they arise

Customers have utilized our capabilities at different development stages and often stay with us through initial commercial manufacture or toll manufacture of the product. The beauty of our facility is that we have everything you need under one roof.  If you need to go back to the lab to experiment with another method, we have that capability at our fingertips.  If you want to take your project from the lab to the manufacturing floor, we have that too. Whatever stage of product development you find yourself at, Chemsultants can help you keep things moving to commercialization.