Advanced Wound Care Products…Constantly

Innovative Solutions for Complex Wound Healing

Chemsultants International houses an expert staff of chemists and scientists, who have been involved in medical markets developing new technologies for several of today’s major medical companies. Chemsultants has developed quality products, provided medical testing services, medical education, and services supporting wound care preparation. Our collaborative efforts with Xennovate, using their advanced line of hydrocolloid technology, have allowed us to gain significant penetration in the wound care market.

Wound care is extremely complex, constantly changing, and improving every day. Chemsultants and Xennovate are committed to accelerating wound healing technology by developing new formulae and creating innovative, wound healing solutions. Using our experience and staff of experts, we provide customized development from ideation to completed wound care products.

Our existing hydrocolloid dressings incorporate the following characteristics:

  1. Remove excess exudate and toxins
  2. Retain high humidity at the dressing wound interface
  3. Allows for gaseous exchange
  4. Provides thermal insulation
  5. Protects against secondary infection
  6. Remain free of particulate toxic components
  7. Cause little or no additional trauma with removal


We hold a patented ease-of-removal technology, EverLift RemovEZ + PULL TAB, designed to reduce removal forces by as much as 30% with minimal reduction in inherent adhesive properties. We have also developed a lo-tack hydrocolloid that can be island-placed on a high-tack hydrocolloid for strong peri-wound adhesion, while protecting the wound bed from unnecessary damage upon removal of the dressing.

With our capabilities, we can also help you get your medical innovations to market quickly and efficiently. Being an FDA registered medical device manufacturer, Chemsultants is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 and cGMP compliant. We fully understand the requirements for documentation regulation in your field.