About Us

Who are we, where did we come from and where are we going?

Chemsultants International is the perfect extension of your organization. We collaborate with your team as a partner to deliver the technical expertise you value. You just don’t just hire us; we integrate our technical team into your organization to the level that you choose. Our roots as adhesive consultants and formulators have laid the groundwork for what we’ve become today; a world-renowned technical organization that offers testing, product development, and manufacturing for Fortune 500 clients, entrepreneurs, and everyone in between.

How We Work

Ideation to Commercialization

While we have some standard rates for our routine testing procedures, each development project is extremely personalized and it is difficult to give a simple answer on price. In a discovery conference call, we work hand-in-hand with the customer to identify the project scope, outline a project plan with deliverables, and project the timing that the project will require. We then establish a price quote to do the work.

Does Chemsultants guarantee that its product development work will result in the product I need?


We pride ourselves in being able to deliver as promised. However, like the rest of the scientific community, we cannot guarantee invention. We define the scope of work for each customer, then we develop a project plan which is complete with milestones and deliverables. Once approved, we work to the plan and stay in constant communication with the client along the way. We discuss any technical hurdles that may arise, will redirect work to resolve any hurdles as necessary, and are usually able to exceed the project objectives and deliver successful results.

Equipment demonstrations available

Chemsultants and ChemInstruments are sister companies.  We offer free ChemInstruments product demonstrations to our customers on a routine basis at our facilities in Fairfield, Ohio. In addition, we have a demonstration laboratory in Mentor, Ohio at our Chemsultants Technology Campus. We can work directly with each customer to test or evaluate their products using our equipment via a feasibility study.


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