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Industry Education & Training

Learn PSA Technology from Experts

jjg                                              Chemsultants International provides hands-on, technical training to those                                                                interested in learning more about adhesives, coating technology, and testing.                                                          Members of our professional staff of adhesive consultants and scientists                                                                  have experience in a wide variety of disciplines including adhesion theory,                                                              formulating, product development and applications, web coating and product                                                          testing.

We have consulted with and provided seminar and hands-on workshop training to QA, QC, R&D and Production staff members of industry participants worldwide on topics that include: 


  • Developing pressure sensitive adhesive, tape and label products 

  • Applications and uses for specialty adhesives and specialty coated products 

  • Testing pressure sensitive tapes, labels, liquid adhesives, specialty coatings and sealants to the requirements of ASTM, PSTC, TLMI, AFERA, and FINAT test methods 


Contact us for a custom seminar at our facility or yours.


Technical Workshops


Chemsultants International presents several technical training workshops during the year in conjunction with key industry associations and service providers.The Pressure Sensitive Tape Council is the North American trade association comprised of world-class Pressure Sensitive Tape manufacturing companies, adhering to the highest standards for producing quality products in an environmentally, socially responsible environment.The Pressure Sensitive Tape Council has, since 1990, offered key educational workshops as part of its Tape University Program.

In 2007, Chemsultants and the Pressure Sensitive Tape Council established the Alliance for Excellence in Tape Testing to provide critical skills to the pressure sensitive tape industry. In doing so, PSTC chose to partner with Chemsultants International as its teaching resource, and in 2010, Chemsultants expanded its partnership with PSTC by hosting workshop sessions at the Chemsultants Technical Training facility.


This course covers details of coating and converting methods, along with in-depth discussion of testing methods and analytical tools. Class is unique in its combination of classroom discussions and lab-based demonstrations, allowing for deep exploration of the course topics.

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Coating Tech Slot Dies, in conjunction with Chemsultants International, presents a technical training course focused on slot die coating technology. It is designed for operators and engineers who are new to slot die coating or those who are interested in increasing their knowledge and skill quickly and efficiently. The course includes a mix of classroom learning paired with hands-on opportunities in a laboratory and on a coating line. Participants can assemble and disassemble parts of a coating line, create coating defects, resolve coating defects, and operate various equipment utilized in the coating process.


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