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Tape & Label Testing

Get accurate answers and test results

More people choose Chemsultants as their adhesive consultant because we provide results based on time-tested, proven processes and procedures. They know from experience that our comprehensive and cost effective adhesive testing services help speed product ideas to market and reduce development costs. Chemsultants International’s renowned adhesive testing laboratories offer an extensive range of capabilities to test and measure adhesive properties including:

  • Peel adhesion

  • Adhesive tack

  • Static and Dynamic shear

  • Release

  • Viscosity

  • Abrasion resistance

  • Coefficient of friction

  • WVTR

  • SAFT up to 205°C/400°F

  • Surface energy

  • Tensile and elongation

  • Analytical tests including FTIR

  • Accelerated aging and weathering via QUV 

  • Modified test conditions to -29°C (-20°F) up to 60°C (140°F)

  • Environmental conditioning -40°C w/ambient RH or up to 50°C at 90% RH

  • Low and high temperature environmental conditioning from -40°C freezer to 35°F cold to 100°F hot (90% RH) as well as SAFT up to 400°F


Tap into the resources of our expert adhesive consultants to benchmark and test pressure sensitive tapes, labels, and other adhesive products. We can even help you troubleshoot and solve product issues through our full range of mechanical procedures that characterize and test:

tape testing and label testing expert
adhesive tape label testing
  • Adhesives

  • Sealants

  • Coatings

  • Release systems

  • Paper and film liners and face stocks

  • Converted products

Chemsultants can help you solve adhesive quality issues quickly and cost-effectively. Test your products with the industry’s broadest, most cost-effective resource for specialized adhesion testing. Our adhesive testing labs provide you with exceptional precision and versatility to test everything from adhesives and sealants to specialty materials and packaging.

adhesive tape label testing lab
Physical Test Services

PSTC Methods

PSTC-101 – Peel Adhesion

PSTC-4 - Release

PSTC-5 – Quick Stick

PSTC-6 – Rolling Ball Tack

PSTC-107 – Shear Adhesion of Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

PSTC-8 – Unwind Force

PSTC-9 - Accelerated Aging

PSTC-11 - Adherence to Linerboard at Low Temperature

PSTC-13 - High Speed Unwind

PSTC-14 - Adhesion to Fiberboard at 90 degree angle and constant stress

PSTC-15 - Adhesion of Release Coated Substrates – Wet Spread Method

PSTC-16 - Loop Tack

PSTC-17 – Shear Adhesion Failure Temperature (SAFT)

PSTC-131 – Tensile & Elongation (MD only)

PSTC-133 – Caliper/Total Thickness

PSTC-34 – WVTR, desiccant and water method

PSTC-35 – Water Penetration Rate of PSA Tapes

PSTC-38 – Tear Resistance of PSA Tapes

PSTC-39 – Tear Resistance of Plastic Films

Finat Methods


FTM 1 – Peel Adhesion

FTM 2 – Peel Adhesion

FTM 3 – Low Speed Release

FTM 4 – High Speed Release

FTM 5 – Accelerated Aging, Extended Storage

FTM 8 – Resistance to Shear on Standard Surface

FTM 9 – Loop Tack

FTM 11 – Quality of silicone coated substrates for self-adhesive laminates

FTM 12 – Adhesive coat weight

FTM 13 – Low temperature adhesion

FTM 18 – Dynamic Shear

ASTM Methods

ASTM D3611 – Accelerated Aging of PSA Tapes

ASTM F1140 – Burst Testing

ASTM D3652 – Caliper/Total Thickness

ASTM F2217 – Coat Weight/Solvent Wash

ASTM D1894 – Coefficient of Friction

ASTM D1002 – Dynamic Shear

ASTM D3164 – Dynamic Shear

ASTM E1252 – FT-IR

ASTM D3330 – Peel Adhesion/Release

ASTM D6252 – Peel Adhesion

ASTM D903 – Peel Adhesion

ASTM D5375 – Liner Removal at High Speeds from PSA Label Stock

ASTM F88 – Seal Strength of Flexible Barrier Materials

ASTM D4498 – Shear Adhesion Failure Temperature (SAFT)

ASTM D3463 – Static Shear

ASTM D3654 – Static Shear

ASTM D2578 – Surface Energy, Dyne Test

ASTM D5264 – Sutherland Rub

ASTM D6195 – Loop Tack

ASTM D2979 – Probe Tack

ASTM D1004 – Tear Resistance

ASTM D3759 – Tensile & Elongation

ASTM D882 – Tensile & Elongation, per direction

ASTM D1489 – Total Solids

ASTM D1876 – T-Peel

ASTM D 3811 – Unwind Force of PSA Tape

ASTM D3236 – Viscosity (hot melt, 1hr and 24hr)

ASTM D2556 – Viscosity (room temperature)

ASTM E96 – WVTR, desiccant and water methods, 72 hours

ASTM D3833 – WVTR, desiccant and water methods

ASTM D3816 - Water Penetration Rate

ISO Methods

ISO 4587:2003 Adhesives -- Determination of tensile lap-shear strength of rigid-to-rigid bonded assemblies

ISO 8510-2:2006 Adhesives -- Peel test for a flexible-bonded-to-rigid test specimen assembly -- Part 2: 180 degree peel

ISO 11339:2010 Adhesives -- T-peel test for flexible-to-flexible bonded assemblies

ISO 29862:2018 Self-adhesive tapes -- Determination of peel adhesion properties

ISO 29863:2018 Self-adhesive tapes -- Measurement of static shear adhesion

ISO 29864:2018 Self-adhesive tapes -- Measurement of breaking strength and elongation at break

Analytical Test Services

Chemsultants offers FT-IR which is used to identify the basic chemistry of an adhesive and analyze key components. It can also be used to identify contaminants, and to develop raw material substitutes for adhesives, coatings and sealants. When the raw materials are known, FT-IR can study the components changes, or crosslinking levels.

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