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Slitting & Converting

Prototypes ready for market testing and evaluation

Chemsultants offers pilot coating services, and also custom slitting and converting services. Supporting a variety of materials, our Dusenbery models 635BF and 635AF can handle material as wide as 45” wide and can slit down to 1” widths onto 3” cores. The slitter utilizes various methods including razor and shear knife set ups. We have successfully slit paper, film, adhesive-backed laminates, non-wovens, wovens and other miscellaneous coated and uncoated web stocks.

We also offer converting on Siat specialized high speed narrow web slitter.  Offering razor slitting, crush cutting and pattern die converting.  Materials can be converted from 12” wide to 0.5” wide.


What types of slitting and converting services do we offer?


Razor-cut Slitting employs single razor blades positioned at stationary intervals across the machine. The material is pulled through the stationary blades, making precise, clean cuts. Razor slitting is best suited for films and thinner materials of consistent thickness.

Shear Slitting uses two rotary knives that function in the same way as a pair of scissors. The material is cut at the junction of the two sharp edges and is ideal for paper, foil, and heavier gauge materials.

Crush Cutting is slitting materials between an anvil roller and a cutting roller with raised blades helically disposed around its surface.  It is generally for slitting very tough materials such as rubber or sand paper, although some lightweight tissue grades, laminates and adhesive materials fair well with this technique.

63. Duesenberry 45 inch Slitter.jpg
  • 45” integral unwind stand with automatic edge guiding

  • 3” unwind shaft

  • Unwind edge guide side shaft is +/- 1.5”

  • 18” to 20” rewind diameter

  • 3″ aluminum rewind mandrels for core spacer differential tension control.

  • 4 zone tension control for running up to four different slit widths at the same time

  • Footage counter

61. Duesenberry 30 inch Slitter.jpg
69. SIAT with operator 1.jpg
  • 32” wide web width

  • 3” unwind/rewind shafts

  • Maximum unwind 32”

  • 18” rewind diameter

  • Single differential rewind tension controls

  • Up 300’ per minute

  • Footage counter

  • Inline corona treating up to 14”

  • Versatile 12″ narrow web

  • Razor, score knife, rotary shear, and rotary die slitting options

  • Twin turret rewind

  • Interchangeable 1″ and 3″ ID core rewind

  • Footage counter

Dusenbery 45" Slitter
Dusenbery 32" Slitter
Siat 12" Slitter
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