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Bridging the Gap Between Lab and Manufacturing

Chemsultants International is dedicated to providing cutting edge product solutions to its clients.

Our scientists provide a complete range of services related to adhesives, coatings, labels, tapes, and packaging material applications.

Everything from hydrocolloid medical devices to scented fish decals have come through our doors as an idea and emerged as a successful product.

Your new products get to market faster when you ramp up development with Chemsultants.

Adhesive Testing

Chemsultants can help you solve adhesive quality issues quickly and cost-effectively. Test your products with the industry’s broadest, most cost-effective resource for specialized adhesion testing. Our adhesive testing labs provide you with exceptional precision and versatility to test everything from adhesives and sealants to specialty materials and packaging.

Pilot Coating

Utilize our innovative product development and pilot coating services to develop your products, improve production processes and ultimately grow your market position. We can develop coating and laminating solutions as well as adhesive or sealant bonding products, and specialty coatings tailored to your end-use applications.

Product Development

Chemsultants International offers a convenient one-stop product testing lab and low-cost alternative to in-house research, problem solving and product development. Chemsultants is also your full-service adhesive consultant for product development, testing, and process scale up.

Contract Coating

We realize that new products may start small and grow over time and may not meet the minimum requirements for large scale producers to have an interest. These new products may also require extra steps or additional work that make them unattractive to large-scale companies.  We can help you move your product to market.

Chemsultants International, Inc. Overview
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For over 35 years, Chemsultants International Inc. has been an expert in adhesive and polymer-based results


Working with Chemsultants International allows us to focus on the application and marketing side of our business. We worked with Chemsultants’ engineers to develop our proprietary adhesive. Their attention to detail ensures consistently high quality output.

Brian Pancoast, Owner of Envirometrics Systems Inc.

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